De Hoop Leven fund

De Hoop wants to be able to do more for people who are chronically ill or who have been ill in the past. That is why we have set up our own fund: the De Hoop Leven fund. This fund supports research that makes a positive contribution to the insurability of people with an increased medical risk.

The De Hoop Leven fund is intended for parties who conduct research into medical conditions in which the focus of the research is on extending the lifespan or better estimating the lifespan. The turnaround time for projects we support is a maximum of two years. All applications go through Ars Donandi where the De Hoop Leven fund is based. Ars Donandi is an umbrella foundation for charitable funds. Applications are then submitted to De Hoop’s advisory committee.

We support research to increase the insurability of people with a medical condition.